Bro. Kim Bridges

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Education - 1979 Graduate of Marmaduke High School.  1981 Graduate of Southern Baptist College (AA Degree).  1995 Graduate of Williams Baptist College, with Degree in Christian Ministry/Pastoral Ministry.   Attended Southern Seminary Extentision at Union University 1.5 years.  15 Hours of Masters Work.

How Long at MFBC - June 1994-Present

Area of Focus - Senior Pastor

Wife Name - Lana, married for 35 years

Children/Spouses/Grandchildren -

Daugther: April, Husband Samuel Winn, children: Lane, Foster, Asher, and Jace

Daughter: Melani, Husband Joshua Robles, children: Noah, Luke, and Niya

Daughter: Lindsey, Husband Shane Jordan, children: Amelia, Bronwyn, and Chapel

Home Town (where you grew up) - Lana and I both grew up in Marmaduke.

Favorite Food - Chicken (all kinds)

Favorite Restaurant - Any one that's open when I'm hungry.

Favorite TV show(s) - Duck Dynasty & St. Louis Cardinals Broadcast

Favorite Sport(s) - baseball & basketball

Favorite Team(s) - St. Louis Cardinals, Marmaduke Greyhounds, Arkansas Razorbacks

Favorite thing to do in spare time - work in the yard, work out on our farm, duck hunt, spend time with my family

Good Book you recently read - Bible.  "FollowMe"  by David Platt

What you volunteer for, committees you serve, etc.:  Executive Team Member of  the Greene County Baptist Association, President Cedar Glades Camp Board, President, Good Samaritian Outreach Ministry, & Marmaduke Industrial Developement Team  

Briefly tell us what you're currently feeling about your walk with God, focus in life, etc.:

Knowing the deep pain many face today, I have sought to try to stay focused in the midst of trying times in our community, within the body of Christ, in friends lives and the many people we seek to minister to.  Having a another summer full--trying to stay balanced and maintain my personal commitment to Christ has been a challenge.  I am prone to be a wandering sheep and tend to gravitate to the "busy-ness" of just life.  It has been a good summer and we have been blessed in having good people around us in ministry positions helping us work toward the goal of reaching out and making a difference in the lives of our Community, Church and in families.  I am currently praying for several that are lost, many who have strayed off the path, and for personal growth in my relationship with Him. 

   March 2019   
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